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July 6, 2012


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These are some of the battle areas your charcter will be brought to. Some rounds have hidden rings within them, and will let you know if and what rings rest there.
After rounds, your characters will not have much time to rest. After their battle, if they win, small golden snakes will appear and lead you to yor next destination for the next round. If they lose, their soul ring will shatter in a bright light and dissipear, and their bodes (dead or alive) will appear to do the same. What happens after that is unknown to Angel.

:bulletred:Underground lava chambers-
this is one of the largest arenas, expanding over 50 square miles under the other arenas. Though it is the biggest, it is also the most dangerous. There are rivers of lava chambers everywhere here, only navigable by the few natural stone bridges and walkways, though I wouldn't get too close to the edge. The quicker you defeat your competitor, the better. It gets rather hard to breath the lower you go, and the heat down there could kill you in hours in a few tunnels.

:bulletblue:Mountain springs-
On the tops of a mountain topped in snow, it would be very cold if it wasn't for the springs. These springs are placed in the middle of the mountain, almost like someone cut off the top peak and placed them there. There are rumors that these springs have mysterious powers, if you don't overcook yourself in trying to find out.

:bulletgreen: Swamp Forest-
A personal favorite of past competitors, the swamp forest is a very interesting arena. Take a small mis-step on a patch of grass, and you'll be struggling to get out of the filthy infested water. This area defiantly has the greatest variety of animals, very few of which will be good for your health. In the south of the swamp there has been rumors of swamp tentacles. Avoid those.

:bulletwhite: Little town-
One of the few cities on this planet, and you are going to fight there. This area is a very tricky place to fight, you have to travel around the huge city to find your target, then fight them in public. You might be lucky enough to fight in private, but this is a very densely populated city, and is unlikely. And remember, the citizens of this town are used to this tournament, and hate it and everyone related to it. If you start up a fight, they will most likely join it, especially if you harm another citizen.

:bulletgreen:Country side-
Away from Little Town a few miles is the country side. Nothing but corn and wheat for miles. Maybe you will meet a farmer that owns his field, and he has cattle, horses, and guns. When fighting, it's best not to destroy his crop when he can see. And for your gods sake, leave the chickens alone.

:bulletyellow:Great ruins-
Worn from hundreds of ages of harsh weather, it's a wonder how these ruins are still standing. Ancient towers of the long Forgotten Kingdom still stand tall, along with their grand treasury and its treasures. Nothing is stopping you from taking all that gold, is there? I just wonder why no one else attempted to take it before.... Oh wait, are those skeletons laying by the gold? Ah, well it's up to you.

:bulletwhite:Mirror Cave-
Somehow made of pure iron ore, they say that underground rivers once webbed through this area, polishing all of the metal to be polished and act as a mirror, because of this the people of Little Town call it the maze of mirrors. Lots of travelers got lost in the maze of mirrors, they eventually go insane if they stay there long enough. There have been missing reports of travelers lately,  maybe they have found their way in there?

:bulletblue:Underwater reef-
About a mile under sea level, There are thousands of different fish in this reef. Do not worry, we will give you a ring of minor water power, allowing you to breath. Though you will have to figure out how to use your abilities underwater. You will have to swim your way around to find your competitor, and just remember; sharks like prey that stays still over one that consistently moves.

:bulletyellow: Dry Desert-
The driest land of the entire planet, nearly completely deserted. Very few animals live here, and most of those have scales and stay away during the day. The intense heat might make you hallucinate, or die if you don't find a way to beat it. The biggest worry you should have is finding water, and even the scarce shriveled up cacti have trouble with that.

:bulletblue: Crab Beach-
A very small island with few coconut trees, no more than a few acres, but it has the largest population of crabs ever recorded. You will be able to spot your opponent easily, but you have to be wary of the crabs. A few crabs that infest on this island are ten times the size on man, but most deaths on this island are thanks to the thousands of small crabs that know the use of teamwork. They are very hungry due to overpopulating.

:bulletwhite: Cloud haven-
Not much of a haven anymore, but the clouds were  once was used to save populations from the DeadWars. This group of clouds are somehow tangible, even navigable by foot. The cloud haven is continually moving, and forever changing. Mostly they are the friendly white clouds, but if they feel a bad presence they will become storm clouds. Careful where you step though, you would have quite a fall if you stepped off.

:bulletblack: Graveyard-
Thanks to a competitor long ago, the DeadWars originated here. The Graveyard now is three square miles In every direction from the huge middle statue. This twenty-foot towering statue is of a faceless female angel holding a scythe, she is called the Protector of the Graves. Most of these graves are very old and crumbling, few are still readable. Try not to upset the dead.

:bulletwhite: Mall of Little Town-
Largest mall of the planet, the MoLT has every store imaginable. Complete with nine floors that extend for the equivalent  of eighteen city blocks. A very resourceful area, this is bound to be an interesting battle.

:bulletwhite: Little Town's Theme Park-
Largest theme park in the world, as it has every ride in it. Personal favorite areas to fight are the "spaceship" (round room that spins incredibly fast, making people stick to the walls) or the "Wave coaster" (a coaster that straps your feet in standing position on a board, along with someone else next to you, and goes around on many loops at incredible speeds). There are also the many games that you can try to win the prizes, if you are that type of person.

:bulletblack: Nightmare town-
A very small ghost town, where your nightmares come to life. It is always dark here, and all of the old cursed gypsy buildings are black with age. Needless to say this is not a favorite area of the contestants. I would try to look for your opponent rather fight your imagination, but I've seen how hard it is. Oh, if you see an old hag in purple with a crystal ball and cards, try to avoid her.

:bulletgreen: Tropical forest-
Similar to the Swamp Forest, this area have a great range of animals. Small rivers run through this area, but there are many areas that are dry. Tall trees block out most of the light, yet it is lighted up thanks to the glowing fungi that litter the area. Large populations of birds and monkeys live here, but they are quite friendly to the common stranger. Be nice to them, If you upset one, you upset them all.

:bulletwhite: Small office-
You will be brought to an cubical office and given a ring. This ring will shrink the wearer and any abilities to one seventieth, and is impossible to take off until your competitor(s) are unable to continue through the round. This provides an interesting challenge to navigate through the office, and allows creativity to become the most valuable resource and weapon. (for rough size estimate, A person 5'8" would be about 1 inch)

:bulletgreen: Valley-
The valley that you arrived in. No hills, no trees, no water. Just you and your opponent in a flat short grassed land. Angel will be watching closely from above. Don't disappoint her.

:bulletyellow: Battle dome-
A huge battle dome made by ancient civilizations, there are a few primitive weapons throughout the arena from that time. Along the walls there are levers and gates, each containing something different. There have been reporting  of loud animal noises here.

:bulletwhite: Highway-
In between the three largest cities on the planet, this highway is incredibly huge. Always busy, Rarely rush hour, thousands of cars consistently drive at speeds above 100 miles per hour. There are thirty lanes in this highway, and it's your choice if you want to avoid the cars or make the first accident ever on the Great Highway.

:bulletwhite:Treehouse camp-
Huge camp of the trees, previously owned by a tribe of wood elves. They disappeared, leaving the perfect arena. Huge tree houses and large bridges, ropes and pulleys, levers and traps Oh My!

:bulletblue:Middle Docks- great island made of thousands of docks, the Middle docks are located in the middle of Kasifay Ocean for long traveling boats. In the middle of all of the docks there are gas pumps for the boats, and almost everywhere you can find extra ropes and oars.

:bulletblack:Sewer- huge sewer system under Little Town, one of the most grossest places on this planet. Rats are very common down here, and there are a few legends of other creatures. Just remember to look before you step.

:bulletyellow: The Great Archival Library-
Sssshh! Remember to stay quiet among the massive bookcases, sliding ladders, and spiral staircases. The Librarian won't like it if you're loud. However, if you'r lucky, maybe you'll find a secret passage hidden behind the collections of tomes.

:bulletyellow: The Clocktower-
Little Town's clock tower. Every hour on the hour, it rings to tell the time with it's chime. Inside, there's a mass of gears and cogs that let the great system work. Don't get crushed. And keep track of the seconds!
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Shainbow Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey just wondering, are the civilains in Little Town "humans" or other creatures? 'Cause this is a different planet and such XD
ParzifalsJudgment Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If not "humans" than "humanoids" I would probably say. Considering this IS a different planet, feel free to be creative.
Shainbow Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! ^^
ranasan Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist
I have a question about the mirror cave, is it possible to pry one of the reflective surfaces of the wall if you use enough force? Such as an explosion?
ParzifalsJudgment Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would highly doubt it. It's made of ore, not actual mirrors. However, don't let my word prevent you for doing something cool.
SeseMiroh Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i have a request.... could i play my first round in the Country side? :meow:
TournamentOfRings Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! We'll try to get you there. ^^
SeseMiroh Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
thank you very much! :la:
BlackmoreCrest Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhhh man, anywhere that has lots of shadows is gunna be fun for me to work with!
stoneiverson Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
does the angel teleport you and your opponent to the battle areas?
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